“Biggie Babylon scores a hit!” -

Ken Leighton, The San Diego Reader.

“The most brilliant marketing idea I have ever seen an artist do. Congratulations!” -

Brian Gaffey, Interscope Records.

“Not only does Biggie Babylon have hot music,  he has the image, the look, cool merchandise, and he puts on a show.  Biggie Babylon is a superstar." -

Tony Neal, President Core DJ's Worldwide & Source Magazine top 10 Influencer 2018

“DJ’s are talking about the “DJ Loud Pack” weed cans around the country.  You’re gonna be on with just that idea alone but mixed with the fact that the music is fire too, you are definitely winning.” - DJ3 VP Core DJ's Worldwide

“I license and sell commercial music.  Biggie Babylon makes my job easy!” -

Jon Delange, Tinderbox Music.


San Diego Reader

Da Waves Hip Hop

San Diego City Beat

420 Book Magazine

“This album is Extra Special Good” -

Diana Death, San Diego City Beat

“The best DJ pack I’ve gotten thus far.” -

Kid Reckless, Radio Host Jamn 957 FM San Diego

“Big things are in the future for Biggie Babylon, it’s so obvious.” - Pandar, Radio Host Z90 FM

“Genius promo” - Hoodrat Miguel, Radio Host Q102.1 San Francisco

“This (DJ Loud Pack) is the most genius form of marketing I have seen and I’ve been around all the greats and have seen everything” - Troy Marshall

“The new form of distribution These guys are true innovators.” - DJ Skee of Skee TV

Chaldean News Magazine

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